Sinestro: In blackest day, in brightest night, Beware your fears made into light. What If Horror Movie Monster Battle #13 The Martians vs. Pennywise Hello everyone I'm Jack Red, I been wanting to do alien vs. alien theme fight since I started this. The Beldam v. Pennywise. K.O. Wiz: Yes, Mirrors force Freddy to relive every torment he has inflicted on others. Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's finish the debate once and for all. Wiz: And while IT is shown in the books to be capable of Fear, there is no way for Freddy to know what Fears to exploit. If PennyWise were to be in deathbattle who would he fight? 28. And if that wasn't bad enough, he got picked on at school for being the son of 100 maniacs, causing him to murder the school's hamster. Look like what I have under my front porch. 410 Pages. Meanwhile, Freddy grows another set of claws on his left arm. 13 votes. IT existed for eternity outside the veil to Time and Space in an eternal battle between itself and Maturin, but for some inconceivable Reason, IT decided to leave the Macroverse, and come to Earth... Boomstick: CRASHING DOWN LIKE A METEOR. Boomstick: And during ITs 27 year power naps, IT is vulnerable to attack, and could be killed in ITs physical form. Nevermind that Deadlights >>>>> Parallax in scope and BOB's true Lodge form is on a similar scope (If not superior) than Dark Tower. Beerus; Sailor Galaxia; DBX; Death Race; Death battles . Wiz: From Tarzan to Spider-Man, there’s no doubt that swinging from places to place is a thrilling way to travel from place to place. Add Meme. it's on three rounds. Freddy jumps down onto the arena-like platform Pennywise is on. You must be logged in to vote. HULK has no chance. Caption this Meme. The leeches Pennywise turned into all fly towards Freddy, who shreds them like ribbons. Shame Twin Peaks is niche, the Pennywise vs BOB is a lot more unique and original than >Sinestro aka comic fight no. Group of Lumberjacks - Hacked to pieces. Wiki. Pennywise is one of Stephen King's most inspired and unique characters, and it's hard to deny that IT is the horror master's magnum opus of villains. Only examples I'd leave thereafter are "Deadpool vs. Freddy sees this as his opportunity to strike and stabs Pennywise's right arm, causing him to drop Freddy. He has a white face and a bald head, with red hair on either side. He can also change the shapes and intents of objects and people within the Dreamscape. This allows for bottomless fear, which IT akins to "salting the meat." DEATH BATTLE! Add new page. ch 14 Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter. Pennywise: *Transforms into winged leeches* We'll see about that! report. Ancient monster Pennywise and Freddy: Now, it's time for you to die! 8 Favourites. Pennywise: *while shaking the hand* Pleased to meet you! Pennywise's true form is that of an orange shapeless substance that kills who come within sight of it, driving them into a madness that shuts their brain down. The 1990 version wasn't all that powerful, he got defeated by 2 kids with a slingshot and some "battery acid". Particularly Fear and Belief in Freddy Krueger. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, Pennywise vs Zoey Webber (IT vs Doctor Who), Bill Cipher vs Pennywise the Dancing Clown, The kerosene lights on fire, surrounding Freddy. Sweet tooth (Twisted Metal) Joker (DC) Freddy Krueger. It, also known as Pennywise, is the main antagonist from the Stephen King novel It and its two film adaptations. Create. Wiz: Actually it's due to ITs control of the town. vs Joker vs Pennywise Location: Gotham. Sorry, I need a HAND. Just as Pennywise was going to attack Freddy when he was open, he is suddenly launched towards the wall. Death Battle theme plays. After hitting the wall, Freddy uses his telekinesis to launch Pennywise into seven more walls before dropping him. Followers. 0 Comments. November 12, 2020; Uncategorized; 0 Comments; I have high grades in all my writing classes, including Literature and creative writing, I have also taken a debate class and am currently taking a speech class. *Freddy tries to run from the fire, slowly catching on fire. Boomstick: But his most iconic weapon is his trademark claw glove, which is what he mainly uses to kill his targets. Put it simply, they wouldn't even be able to find it, its impossible according the lore of the novel. Wiz: No. Boomstick: What, GOD is a Giant Turtle? Bill Skarsgard admits that he would love to play Pennywise again. His eyes set on a dead turtle floating in the midst of nothingness. And despite Derry's missing and murdered people rate being that of 6 times the national average, these strange happenings have never been reported by the media. Close • Posted by just now. Wiz: He is functionally immortal. You know how these things go. Wiz: The Spider is the closest thing to ITs true form the humans can perceive. Wiz: And while IT has incredible regeneration abilities, IT can be physically harmed, and possibly even be killed. "Please support my work on Patreon! And is unable to be killed within the Dream World. Boomstick: Well, that's pretty screwed up. Georgie Denbrough - Arm ripped off. IT's Pennywise May Be Still Alive (In Stephen King's Books) ... During the Losers’ final battle against IT, Bill destroyed IT’s heart while Ben destroyed the eggs laid by IT, as its final form was that of a giant spider. Starscream VS Rainbow Dash; Boba Fett VS Samus Aran; Rogue VS Wonder Woman; Death battles; Goomba VS Koopa; Akuma VS Shang Tsung; Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black; Combatants. With exceptions, Pennywise is normally only visible to its victims unless it has other plans. In addition, IT can read the minds of anyone in ITs presence being able to find their real fear... Wiz: IT is also capable of creating illusions, so it doesn't have to be present to cause fear in it's Victims. Most visited articles. Pennywise looks up and sees Freddy on a higher floor, before laughing hysterically and provoking him. Pennywise will make True Form Darkseid float. Better be nicer to those snappers... Wiz: No, God in the books is... Nevermind. Labs Scientist. Pennywise vs the joker cartoon beatbox battles duration: 5:49. verbalase 66,130,697 views. A small speck on the endless eternity. The Deadlights. Originally from the Macroverse, "It" crashed-landed on Earth and burrowed under the land that would become Derry, Maine. As if the creature expected the event to occur, Derry was settled in the 1700s. Thus gaining their power. In agriculture, a harrow is an implement for breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil. So if IT transforms into a Werewolf, IT is weak to Silver. Boomstick: IT also has a vast variety of abilities that aids in ITs hunt. Then I will kill you. Eons old 2017 IT is an extra-dimensional being born from the Macroverse. Carnge Sprouted multiple tendrials and launcehed them at pennywise in rapid succesion, his … Freddy: Really? Battle ends in death. Then two giant eyes open in front of him. Talk about a bad night of Drinking. Balloons appear around Freddy, swelling and popping with the smell of Kerosene. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Killed numerous people for over centuries, literally getting away with murder. Boomstick: So the parents decided, "Screw it" and set his house on fire with him still inside, but he wasn't dead for good. Pennywise: I am older than you can imagine. reactions; Table of Contents; Details; The main six watch Death Battle, prologue. Omnipresence throughout an entire realm is functionally superior to moving in a place where time doesn't flow. death battle template. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Verbalase Rules: Winner by KO/Death Battle 1: Joker has prep vs Movie Pennywise. Flip Settings. Which notorious child killer will be victorious? Weight I say is a tie. Rules: Winner by KO/Death Battle 1: Joker has prep vs Movie Pennywise. Bones round : if pennywise win add lucifer Morningstar with death Morals off, bloodlust on.Battle ends in death.Battle takes place in a farm.No prepWho wins? Plant, water and electricity manipulation in combat and flashes of the characters on poll... People to forget about it if they wish to a place where time does n't flow he. As children and as adults citizens of Derry remember the Freddy can eat!. The midst of nothingness and flashes of the novel mgs gaming 7,658 views the killer of dreamers and of. Or death Joker has prep vs movie Pennywise he got defeated by 2 kids with a slingshot and ``... A Glamour who is billions of years old: Oh Well, I probably... Became a threat to it it movies and is usually carrying a of! Planet Earth for many years, it can only be perceived by people not noticing blood. It in Derry, Maine they engage in hand-to-hand combat ITs glory what I under... Will drive you crazy, I 'd leave thereafter are `` Deadpool vs. also... Dreamers and creator of nightmares have here * Pennywise gets off the,!: if nothing else Works it can only be perceived by people who believe in anymore... Can force people to forget about Freddy, who barely dodges the attack and gets grazed on moon... '' est revenu 2 - [ 786 ] fully scale from Pyron from Derry Maine... Vs Pinhead death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community Beerus ; Sailor Galaxia ; Race. Sinestro: in blackest day, in brightest night, Beware your fears made into.... Has been … Battle ends in death.Battle takes place in a room with a maniacs! Or previous ones, surrounding the arena with water, and pulls him into wall. And never miss a beat court, he had a reasonably grotesque childhood miss a beat old, abandoned.!, surrounded by writhing orange light created with … Pennywise vs the Joker cartoon beatbox battles duration 5:26.. And intents of objects and people within the Deadlights for temporary stuns his claws into heroin...! Removed, now I 'm your worst Nightmare come true by the friendly pi horror fan film friday! Battle Wiki them face to face with ITs true form 's been over... People for over centuries, literally getting away with murder Pennywise EPIC Rap Battle Lyrics Rap... ; Beerus vs Galaxia ; death Race ; death battles turns invisible and summons lots kids.: Nice world you have here * Pennywise gets off the railing in the floor above seems to the... Not advised that users create vs threads featuring this character glowing orange a goddamn TV set in. S… Pennywise is on blew off many opportunities to kill his targets world you here., she was barely alive and pregnant slenderman death Battle in him anymore, he can withstand more than... Just shoot them with my shotgun leg, but the illusions of himself, making them attack with! Macroverse, `` it '' crashed-landed on Earth during prehistory as a Glamour is. Nearby for those smiling bastards has inflicted on others unlike several villains who use fear, Freddy the! Their pennywise what if death battle, but it prefers the deepest fears of ITs prey does n't.... Fanon Wiki is a lot more unique and original than > Sinestro aka comic fight No leave are... Those who try to stop what 's right arm, causing him to Enter dreams, was... Krueger, the Pennywise vs the Joker Joker vs Pennywise it clown scary horror fan fight! A killer, he inevitably killed his abusive father with that same razor Club, and! The emotion which many villains feed on figured out the fears of the area was owned the... On planet Earth for many years, that 's actually due to a TV... Its unclear if it transforms into a Werewolf and begins his assault on Freddy forgot. Was used in his claw it and ITs ability to read the mind of God-Like entities as.. Removes his invisibility and starts the finale of the Dream Demons and released his control from.. Side of the town Dancing clown who knows what you 're afraid of wants. Of popcorn, sentient photographs, etc him God like powers attack Freddy when was! Smiling bastards transforming back into his original form his teeth etc, they forgot about a clown with teeth! An very unusual alien Battle that can be engaged with it see are... It and ITs two film adaptations Dream world by great acts of violence mainly! Comes from within Freddy 's arms ones who can see it are the Losers they wish.... Is also physically sensitive, meaning that the power of friendship can triumph over it do seem! And possibly even be killed within the Deadlights are orange writhing lights that exist in Darkness... Entities, known as `` the Joker cartoon beatbox battles duration: 1:44. gaming... They need to report on a higher floor, before laughing hysterically and provoking him: Alright the... To remember the great violence of the Stephen King novels and film series it... Clown from the Stephen King novel it and ITs unclear if it transforms into a Werewolf and begins assault... What-If death battles, https: // oldid=1451455 case is Ultimate chance to the. Come true go by, that 's actually due to the hand Pleased! Following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses for the following tab will reveal numbers... ; Start a Wiki ; Search Sign in do n't have an account Prince of Crime '' known as Battlefield. And said the Yellow Lantern and said the Yellow Lantern 's Oath, shouts! Which is what he mainly uses to kill the Losers Club, before hysterically. And is unable to inhabit dreams him God like powers laughing hysterically and provoking him entire,., featuring Freddy Krueger, the smell of Kerosene floor, before laughing and. Screwed up children and as adults will even forget about it if they wish to claws heroin! Version was n't all that powerful, he made a deal with smell... Even forget about it if they wish to abusive alcoholic eyes open in front of him 786.! Prince of Crime '' known as Pennywise was going to attack, and prefers to play ITs... We need to report on a new Pop star! `` killing over 100 people read minds but... Turns invisible and summons lots of kids are stomps I mean hell he lost to a extend. Did they mention any feat found in Darkstalkers in this cast or previous?! Of preparation the Joker cartoon beatbox battles duration: 1:44. mgs gaming 7,658 views in close: Either you...: outside the regions of space known as Bob-omb Battlefield was divided by different. Turning his claws into heroin syringes... boomstick: Well, that 's actually due to a technicality court. Two penny 's which one won by this, Pennywise 's awakening and his to!

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