I like the details and functionality of the plane. Cessna 152 Livery Pack is a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 mod created by maxx2504. I have been looking for one for a long time and this one is a very good trainer. Fonctionnalités. Liveries. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of simmers over the past 15 years. Well put together though nothing really special. Incredible handling and very easy to fly. This is a quality product that's both a joy to look at and to use. Having built this aircraft upon the foundations of reality, it manages to carry this across emphatically with an authentic model that is built upon hours and hours of research. It's true as I've read in another write-up, the creaks and moans of the plane would just seem so in tune. Airspeed Indicator : 2: Tells you how fast you are flying relative to the air. Cessna 152 Control Panel and Cockpit. There is plenty of leg and head-on inside the Cessna Cockpit for the pilot and passengers seated in the back of the aircraft. But rumning identical settings in both box and steam the box version seemed smoother. Wonderful Airplane!! G1000,SIMULATOR,CESSNA-Cessna 172 flight simulator develop by our team is fully copy from the real aircraaft,could be use as FTD/AATD or desktop trainer. Choose how long you are going to fly. I appreciate the freeware but found the plane to be almost unflyable. This is entirely free, giving you the complete package! This is the place where you can discuss on this item. Here's an explanation about all the dials, controls and buttons you see above, in this typical Cessna 152 Control Panel layout. Most notably a smart Altimeter that will change it's read-out based on your Flight Sims international settings. John ;). I downloaded this and it said ''it wasn't compatible'' with mine!!! :) What I should add … Its limitations are only the limitations of FSX it self. Le Cessna 152 est un avion biplace, monomoteur à ailes hautes et train tricycle. The layout, appearance and functionality of the instruments in the analog cockpit will vary slightly depending on the aircraft model, but there are some general fundamentals in place. Great site, very inspiring. Never flown a C152 but it feels right, handles like I would imagine with the specs of the real plane. This highly detailed Cessna 152 from Just Flight, is now available as an immediate download for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Děkuji, https://flightsim.to/file/2246/msfs-c152-community. It's the first I've seen even in the SIM WORLD. Choisissez parmi une vingtaine de … I am surprised it is free as something of this quality usually costs money. This is one of the very best add one I've seen in years, no shortcuts here. , it's great !!! Everything seems to function as well as the MSFS 2020 version,but the engine noise is way off sounding more like a small pusher prop aircraft.......................... Hello thank you very much for this download i am flying this a lot and find it very good to fly fly.The sound and performance is amazing so many thanks . G1000 TRAINER and G1000 SIMULATOR is used for desktop training with hardware. Flight Simulator X. Euro Fishing. The minimum is 60 minutes. Ihad and shall have a lot of fun with this bird. The installation was easy and it showed up in the list of aircraft (FSX Steam) on my pc automatically! Well worthy of payware status! This is a great piece of freeware! I am the owner of this file! Makes the default 150 look like a postcard. Textures are realistically colored and designed to guarantee accuracy in comparison to the reality, A highly realistic and authentic range of sound were include, which have all been recorded and built using the genuine aircraft itself as the model. Prosím odkaz na nápovědu. Il a été fabriqué de 1978 à 1985. very good sim, I think best Excellently made aircraft. Cessna 152 Realism Livery: I Saw That The Cessna 152 Stock, While Visually Detailed, Lacked Some Of The Wear-N-Tear That I L . Fun to fly. suggestion to improve the engine sound I grafted the Sound file of a cessna 172 I love it! A whole host of minor changes and additions have been brought to life in spectacular fashion, with lovely little extras such as brake fluid lines, pitot head, Comms and Nav radio antennas, sun visors, footsteps, tie-down points, flap hinges, door hinges, temperature gauge probes, fuel tank caps and grab handles are all captured and brought to life in the most effective manner they possibly can, To make sure that you can use this aircraft as you like and whenever you feel the need, it has been made fully compatible with FSX as well as Windows Vista. Mar 6, 2015 | by FOG.COM aka FreeOnlineGames.com. The Cessna 152 is one of the more popular names in one of the biggest and most inclusive families in the entire industry, and it makes sense that this aircraft – created here perfectly by Just Flight and captured in the most awesome detail – is so popular. 3:53. App Free Download. Check out his profile now. The only bad thing is that it has only one livery. Namasté, Yeah ok alright eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. © JordanJames94 - All rights reserved. report. The model that has been included in this package was designed entirely from scratch, using a whole range of different features and additions and extras along the way to really bring the project to life. If you are the owner of this file, you may request the migration of this file Great for a little bit of GA fun! Looks great, easy to fly. Hi JordanJames94 I downloaded the 1.4 version of the lC152 Liveries Pack but I can't see them in the community how can I do to see them? Flight planning is a great challenge & I use topical maps of an area to get the bearings to VOR 1 & ADF frequencies. I HAVE BEEN USING P3D EVER SINCE IT WAS RELEASED, SO THE C152 IS TOO OLD COMPARED TO TODAY'S FLYING BUT, I DID SOLO IN IT IN 1954....HA! I haven't flown a 152 in real life but heard the handling should be very similar to the 172. Hi, somehow the liveries are not showing in the Sim. There is a GPS unit, but the basic navigation components force you to put the brain back into the cockpit and takes the pilot back to the fun days of navigation using ADF and VOR. It has a total field of view (FOV) of 225 degrees, obtained with 3 TVs placed at 90° from each other. Thank you. An awesome light aircraft. Thanks guys for Your support and efforts done in this special case. The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a high-wing single-engine four-seat touring and training aircraft. The plane flies extremely well and is perfect for making short flights or practicing touch and go's. The new file is 21.59 MB in total. The famous one for flying school, and you can have it here. I find that overall this aircraft is a perfect training tool for the familarization of the cockpit instrumentation, and the unique flyability of the aircraft. Have a lot of actual experience in this exact aircraft. Likewise, cockpit night lighting has been worked on and improved until you are more or less capable of seeing where you are going and how you want to try and put it all together in the right way, regardless of what hour of the day you are flying in! Hub Media Gallery. Thanks. It makes a real difference when the little things are not overlooked., as it lets us know that the team behind the model went the extra mile to deliver the best product they could. There is a 180 degree screen around the plane, giving you the feeling that you are really flying. Wow! Easy to control, and fun to fly. sorry for question but...how can download the wallpapers? THANKS! Confused about the Cockpit ? Aircraft. 12:51. Excellent product and it is a great help now that we are quarantined by COVID-19. :D Login Sign Up. Happy landings and blue skies to all of You :-). Now needs a model.cfg along with it. Avion Flight Simulator ™ 2015 dispose de 12 avions détaillées que vous pouvez piloter, avec vue sur le cockpit: Cessna 182 - Le. Planning a recreation of the event filled cross country trip I made from Bend to Lakeview to Burns to Bend Will get the updated version and will buy a Mooney if available at your site. From developers Just Flight, the Cessna® 152 is now available on Steam for FSX: Steam Edition. Please login for private messages. Download for free to enhance your experience in MSFS 2020. Jump in and enjoy it in the beautiful world of the flight simulation. Kenney Olie. Wiliam Leo. I switched it out with the sound file that comes with the new JFLT C-152 and now I can fly with a real aircraft engine "noise". I think it was very generous of the designer to offer it for free. Maybe the legitimate author does not like his file to be hosted elsewhere. Remember, this is a small aircraft so there is a limit to the size and weight of the occupants. I am not sure if the mod is doing anything. Exellent "Air Craft" Eternal Thanks and abundant Good Karma for your Intentions and Goodwill. 6:25. Then you will find it within the large pop-up window which contains all of the main details, You can now toggle the Yokes visibility, simply by clicking a motion within the Virtual Cockpit, Rated 4.6/5.0 based on 64 customer reviews. I really enjoyed this addition, fun to fly. It works! A terrific little airplane that takes you back to the basics of flying and navigating. Thank you so much for giving it away for free. A complete PDF manual is provided, for those who perhaps need a little guidance when learning the ins-and-outs of a new aircraft. for Flight Simulator 2020. Keep the amazing work. your file on our lightning-fast CURRENT CESSNA C-182 FLIGHT SIMULATOR COCKPIT. Various changes and extras have been added in to really capture the correct feeling and format along the way, with very possible graphical feature being added for the utmost realism possible, The aircraft has been backed up with some of the most impressive textures that you are likely to find on a free model. Instrument layout. Great Job Just Flight! As a real world Private Pilot I find this 152 a work of art. The ADF system, VHF Communication/Navigation Transceiver, and the transponder have all been included to bring the entire aircraft to life and to give you the level and detail of precision that you need to really get the level of care needed from the aircraft, making it much easier for you to control every facet of the flight you’re on, Altimeter (will change from Milibars to Inches indications in the pressure setting window on the altimeter depending on which International settings you have set in Flight Simulator - also, to make it easier to read, a simple mouse click enlarges it), Individual Avionics can be turned ON or OFF to give you a better balance or a finer level of control over what features you have access to and what avionics you don’t want, 'Engine starter motor engaged' warning lights to make sure you always understand the position of your aircraft and what features are being used as you are flying, Low-voltage warning light has been added to keep you on the right track and ensure that you are always aware of what is going on around you, Mouse-over text to help explain what specific actions are capable of doing have been added where appropriate, Interested in trying to find a particular part of the avionics system included? Cessna 152 cockpit: PPL flight training (start-up, taxi, take-off, climb) Tess Zaire. Mouse over text has also been added where appropriate, which will give you just a little bit more feedback to help with mastering this great machine. Technical Support I learned at YTYA decades ago, solo 1995! Phantastic and well done aircraft. and bravo also for another addon that I bought a few months ago on Sim Shack, the DO 228 from Carenado it runs perfectly on P3DV5 and is magnificent in terms of graphics quality with perfect readability of the dashboard. The controls are overly touchy and my flight was all over the place. Well I think if you are used to the brilliant little Cessna 172 that comes with FSX then this retrograde Cessna will disappoint you. Would have paid about 10$ for it. That you generously offered it to us for free says a lot about SimShack. Une petite trouvaille qui nous a agréablement surpris! Looks good, easy to fly. I fly it often in FSX as it is a joy to fly. As for those who submitted a negative review claiming they can't fly this Cessna 152, my suggestion would be for those people to stick to arcade style flight gaming all together, and steer clear of these "simulation" programs. When on a long night flight, the cockpit night lighting helps blend everything together nicely to create a gratifying first person experience. Twice in the middle of a decent final approach I "crashed" from 200 ft agl in front of the runway. To install this livery, simply drag and drop the “liveries-152” folder into your community folder within your MSFS Directory. REPLACE THE .AIR FILE WITH THE 172 FILES AND IT’LL WORK WELL, Exterior:5/10 Le 152 est le descendant direct du Cessna 150. In both cases we need valid proof that your copyright has been infringed. A very nice aircraft. I favor old style liveries though. Attention to care and precision are vital factors in any model, and this really does what it can to capture that feeling and make sure that the model really looks the best it can. Comms and Nav radio antennas are modeled, along with tie-down points and brake fluid lines too name just a few. Also including an immersive virtual cockpit that features mouse click-able instruments and knobs, as well as an authentic 2D instrument panel. JordanJames94 just launched a new version. Once the key was pressed, file was on the drive and worked. WARNING! Very nice. For more help in controlling and maximize your fun in the skies in FSX, you should consider using this package – complete with tutorials and manuals – to learn all about why Cessna have always been so popular. I hope see an other like this.