We don’t believe in cut and dry age statements or proofs, rather we rely on taste. Distilled from corn and aged in new American Oak barrels, this Bourbon Whiskey has a well balanced profile of vanilla and caramel, with soft hints of charr found in American Whiskies , Blended Whiskies , Whiskies , 750 mL , Driftless Glen Distillery , Group B “Driftless Glen Young Rye is the first whiskey our distillery has bottled. Robert was a great tour guide! This region is distinctive to the rest of the world because of the combination of temperature, water and soil. At Driftless Glen our goal is to make spirits just as unique as the people who taste them, so when we searched the country for a terroir harboring the grain and water necessary to make a matchless expression of bourbon and rye, we couldn’t ignore the Driftless Area in Wisconsin. This is near a region known as the Driftless Area which escaped the flattening effects of glaciation during the ice age. Located around the hillsides of the Baraboo valley in Wisconsin, this region is also known as the Driftless Area of the Midwest because of the specific combination of temperature, water, soil, and weather. 1 Helpful vote. We chose to bottle at cask strength to preserve the flavors of a young product. Driftless Glen Distillery. Non GMO. 2020 Top 6 Bourbon Not From Kentucky – Whisky Advocate. Driftless Glen Bourbon Whiskey 750ml. Terroir is a French term that is used when talking about wine. Thank you . Driftless Glen is one of the many craft whiskey makers in the United States currently in the process of getting product to market. Highly recommend . It means that every part of the natural environment plays a part in the flavor of the wine, including the soil in which the grapes grow, the weather, water source, terrain, etc. Flagship spirits Bourbon & Rye Whiskey. Driftless Glen Distillery; Search. Our Young Rye is 75% rye. Date of experience: October 2020. DG Bourbon Whiskey is handcrafted using local ingredients from the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Driftless Glen Distillery was founded by Brian and Reneé Bemis, and is located it in the Baraboo Valley of Wisconsin. There is no age statement on the bottle, it’s made from 75% rye whiskey is bottled 96 proof. 108 Reviews #8 of 29 things to do in Baraboo. Driftless Glen co-founder and CEO Renée Bemis celebrated the distillery’s 5,000th barrel of whiskey on April 3, 2019. Read more. 90 Rating – Whisky Advocate Summer 2019 The Driftless Glen rye whiskey was the first product distilled and bottled by this company. Driftless Glen Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml. This Single Cask Bourbon has a rich amber color with a delicate balance of vanilla, honey, and light spice, then finishes with a hint of oak. Driftless Glen has a sign that reads Terroir on the way into the distillery. The Driftless Glen distillery is located next to the Baraboo River in the Driftless region of Wisconsin. This blend provides the perfect terroir, harboring the grain and water necessary to Distilled from corn and aged in a new American Oak Barrel, the DG Bourbon Whiskey offers a well balanced profile of vanilla and caramel, with soft hints of charred oak. The food is delicious and the tour was a bunch of fun with surprisingly good bourbon and whiskey! Driftless Glen’s retail sales have surged amid the pandemic. ACCOLADES. Each barrel of rye that is bottled is hand picked. (Photo courtesy of Driftless Glen Distillery) Bourbon Whiskey - 4+ years Our Bourbon Whiskey is handcrafted using local ingredients from the Driftless Region in Wisconsin.