24 Oct. 2012. Switchgrass is a perennial grass native to much of the prairie. Finally, the tertiary sector would benefit from distributing the fuel to consumers. In the future, I think switchgrass will play a prominent role in Canada’s energy as it is extremely promising. Hello everyone. Web. It has been said by many people that the change needs to begin with us. Vanveen, Yolanda. If it were to be grown on very poor soil (also known as marginal farmland), that soil would not be of any use to farmers anyways. Hey! As the worldwide demand for traditional fuels increases, the supply can dwindle and prices for this commodity can increase significantly. So what? We would also need to focus on the various tax laws which are different from province to province. After that, the sugars are fermented and then made into ethanol. Of all possible sources for biofuels, I personally think that switchgrass is indeed the best of the best. Miscanthus has been much talked about in the past year as a strong contender as a feedstock for advanced ethanol. The Canadian government is looking at various ways to implement green energy however there must be more research facilities available before we solely base our energy on a biofuel. Various environmentalists such believe in the power of switchgrass as a biofuel. Although corn has proven itself as a trustworthy source for biofuels, we would have to give up quite a lot of arable land to be able to grow massive amounts of corn. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biomass 844 Words | 4 Pages. During the bioconversion process, the lignin fraction of switchgrass can be burned to provide sufficient steam and electricity to operate the biorefinery. This video takes the steps we previously discussed (see “What is ETHANOL and how is it made?” for the steps) and makes them visual. As the seasons become colder, switchgrass rests dormant and it will not grow. Web. It would also increase our labor force. 3.6. The underground carbon storage observed with switchgrass adds to its value as a potential source of cellulosic ethanol. Switchgrass produced 540% more renewable than nonrenewable energy consumed. Web. An example is David Suzuki in his article ‘Fill Er’ Up with Switchgrass’. It grows extremely quickly, sometimes up to 2.2 metres tall. That would be a factor of price hikes in the food sector. A total of 150 acres was harvested, from fields ranging in size from 2 to 19 acres. This is our future. I bet the suspense is killing you… What is this magical thing I speak of? The use of switchgrass as a source for biofuels greatly contributes to fuel security as we know it is a renewable source of energy, meaning it will never run out. We use fossil fuels to heat our houses in the winter and to cool them down in the summer. It then goes into a reproductive mode and uses very little water in the late summer and fall. One day, if the world would decide to completely devote itself to the use of biofuels, we would be faced with a job loss in the fossil fuel sector. They also said that if algae biofuel replaces all the petroleum fuel in the country, it would require 40,000 square kilomet… The accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada have been skyrocketing. This plant is resistant to drought, flood, and poor soil. Switchgrass is also very low maintenance, which is always beneficial. Plant-based fuel can be produced almost anywhere, comes from a renewable resource and often produces cleaner emissions than petroleum-based fuel. 28 Oct. 2012. “For every unit of nonrenewable energy required to grow switchgrass, we got 6.4 units of energy back,” says Schmer. Hybrid Poplars Switchgrass Sorghum Switchgrass Hybrid Poplars Switchgrass Willows Hybrid Poplars Miscanthus Pine Sorghum Sweetgum Switchgrass Energy Cane Eucalyptus Pine Hybrid Poplars Miscanthus Sorghum Switchgrass. Finally, the resale price to the public would be around $5 to $7 per KJ, unlike the other natural gasses at over $17/KJ. There is lots of runoff over the stocking of various nutrients  in the waters. This would ensure that we would cultivate large quantities of the grass without it taking away from food production, as it is unable to grow in soils unsuitable for food crops. 26 Oct. 2012. http://www.worldbookonline.com.ezproxy.torontopubliclibrary.ca/pl/referencecenter/article?id=ar212800&st=switchrass. Some groups envision switchgrass spreading over the country like a weed and charge that energy crops will compete with food crops. It also protects biodiversity as climate change can contribute to various detriments in animals habitats and the various cycles that are essential in our environment: notably the water and nitrogen cycle. The proliferation of this specie is caused by an excessive pollution. 25 Oct. 2012. http://go.galegroup.com.ezproxy.torontopubliclibrary.ca/ps/i.do?action=interpret&id=GALE%7CA305873868&v=2.1&u=tplmain&it=r&p=AONE&sw=w&authCount=1. List of Pros of Biofuels. In this video, we can see how the use of switchgrass in the manufacturing of biofuels is becoming an actuality. History. More. If for some reason there are unusable parts, they can be used as livestock feed, among other things. BIOFUELS: PROSPECTS, RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES 55 5. As a fuel manufacturer it is extremely important to start concentrating on various sources of energy, such as biofuels. To this date, one of the best sources of environmentally friendly energy are biofuels. In addition, if the production of switchgrass is successful Canada would be looking at potential international investments interested in this green energy production. Biofuel Source: Interest in switchgrass as a renewable biofuel resource has been increasing in recent years, primarily in the Southern United States. Biochemical Conversion: In cases of corn grain and sweet sorghum stalks, sugars are directly fermented to ethanol … This would help the government and citizens of Canada. This factor makes sure that switchgrass can be grown in a very sustainable way. On top of that, unlike many other plants, switchgrass can be very tolerant to floods, draughts or hight winds. Therefore, the production of switchgrass itself would not pollute the environment. 10.Jatropha Seeds. There’s a high cost of production, so if the demand increases, the supply will become a long term operation which will be pretty expensive. I will discuss maintaining switchgrass as a biofuel in Canada. The use of fertilizers to enhance production leads to the emission of Nitrous Oxide into the atmosphere. Web. Thanks so much Ernest. It sounds like switchgrass as an alternative fuel has everything going for it. For ethanoyl and biodiesel: General advantages: Reduced carbon oxide emissions, potentially renewable, and other indivisual advantages. Switchgrass is an attractive biofuel feedstock because it can grow on marginal lands of little agricultural value. In fact, since switchgrass has such deep and dense roots, it absorbs nutrients into the ground and can slowly start transforming bad soil into good quality soil. This is extremely beneficial as it slows down the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. [source: Wang ]. This would help the government and citizens of Canada. While research models showed that switchgrass, when managed for maximum production, can compete with corn in volume of ethanol produced per acre, it excelled in net energy output. Whether it is climate change or  the melting of the polar ice…. Which literally means non-renewable. The Canadian Encyclopedia, n.d. If we start to grow and manage switchgrass for the use of biofuels, we can potentially be able to produce around 500% more renewable energy than is need to grow and produce it. The reason switchgrass should be considered as a biofuel in Canada is due to its geographic situation. This would also attract various employments from different people who would be interested working with a newer technology. Environmental impacts of biofuels Depending on the methods used to produce the feedstock and process the fuel, some crops can even generate more greenhouse gases than do fossil fuels. This is extremely efficient as opposed to other biofuels, as we truly would be getting use out of the whole blade. It is easy to maintain and even easier to process and manufacture. Switchgrass is one of the perennial grasses with scientific name Panicum virgatum. Due to industrialization and human development, there is a dangerous increase in pollutants in the atmosphere. It is also a renewable source of energy, therefore we would not have to worry about it running out. Using switchgrass pellets for heating purposes is an also extremely beneficial options. Plus, since Canada already has abundance supplies of switchgrass, we could export this, which would improve our economy further. As stated before, switchgrass is VERY low maintenance. “Fill ‘er up with Switchgrass.” David Suzuki Foundation.